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New Cheer Music Maker

We have the ability, we have the tools, and we’ve got the music within our minds. Our job would be to unite our thoughts into your choreography.

Each candidate has been held up into almost any other manufacturer in the audio industry’s talents. They’re analyzed on relative pitch, production wisdom, theory and work flow. Just forget about cheer coaches cutting iTunes songs up. We’re here to create music using cheer music maker that is one of a kind!

Produce and download mixes

Anybody can build a cheer mixture together with Mixer. Songs, sound effects and voice overs onto an sheet, and then press play to hear it! Read our library of cheer mixes and download your chosen immediately! These combinations can be customized with voice-overs.

Have music? A cheer DJ yourself? Let our vocal talents add a noise that is unique!From ultra custom high-end manufacturing, to good quality sound in a budget we’ve got you covered!