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History of Fort Bragg NC

Before timber mills dotted the scene, the property enclosing what could develop into the metropolis of Fort Bragg was home to indigenous American Indians, many of whom belonged for the Pomo tribe. These certainly were hunter gatherers who dwelt over the northern shore of California.

Fort Bragg’s match of artillerymen comprised less than 3,000 men and officials. Pope Air Field needed a few pilots whose assignment was to watch artillery fire. History of Fort Bragg NC is very long and important for our whole nation!

Long prior to the Russians, the Americans, or the Native Americans hunted to occupy the environs of Fort Bragg, giant redwoods inhabited the beaches. This was those trees which brought attention and eventually resulted in the establishment of the logging railroads and mills which for over the hundred years would be the core of the lifestyles of individuals who dwelt at Fort Bragg.

From the 1930s the bottom’s dilapidated wooden buildings had been mostly replaced with brick and stucco barracks, gun sheds, and a chapel, a hospital, and a headquarters, along with family quarters including commissioned and non commissioned officers.