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Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller

Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller is designed in a way that gives your baby a smooth ride whenever you intend to go with them. It comes with inflated tires suitable for use in bumpy terrain and roads that are not even. The tires are large making it stable regardless of the surface where it is used.


This stroller has features that ensure the baby is always entertained throughout the ride. Among these innovative features are;

  • Sound system for your baby: This allows you to plug in iPhone, MP3 player or even an iPod to ensure fun tunes throughout the ride.
  • Easy steering of the stroller is also possible
  • The stroller also has a convenient tray.
  • Folding and unfolding it is easy since it has a one-handle design.


The only noticeable shortcoming of this stroller is the positioning of the canopy. Its attachment to the upper part of the seat makes it hard to lower it whenever there is a need. Nevertheless, Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller is suitable for use with major infants seat brands used in cars. It also comes with clips for restraint belt to give security to your baby.