What is USB-C?

For a few days the USB-C standard has been haunted by the press without explaining exactly what USB-C actually is. is USB not equal to USB? Are there advantages to USB-C and can you upgrade your PC or laptop to the new standard? What can USB Type-C and whom is USB-C? These questions are now being clarified!

Apple announced the introduction of the new USB-C ports when introducing the 2015 MacBook models. Just a few days later, Google announced that the new version of the Chromebook pixel will also be shipped with USB-C ports. USB Type-C is not a single-aisle of Apple, but a new industry standard!

What is USB-C?

USB-C was adopted as standard in August 2014 by a panel of the USB implementors forum (USB-if), which will replace all other USB connectors in the long term. Unlike the previous USB connector, which is available in variants type-A, type-B and micro-B with transmission standards from 1.0 to 3.1, USB-C not only defines the transmission speed but also sets a new shape for the USB connector. This means that in addition to the well-known USB connector in different sizes, USB-C will introduce a completely new design.

USB-C or USB type-C is called the following:

Adapted to new products

Rugged enough for laptops and tablets, thin enough for smartphones

Size is equivalent to USB 2.0 Mirco-B

Improved usability-USB Type-C can be inserted on both sides

Supports various charging currents

Scalability to ensure future security

Supports future speed of transmission

Resistance: 10,000 Cycles

Current: 3a for standard cables and 5a for connection plugs

Plug size: ~ 8.4 mm x 2.6 mm

USB-C also supports the USB 3.1 transmission standards. This means up to 10 Gbit/s of data as well as power output of up to 100 watts for charging smartphones up to laptops.

What does USB-C look like?

USB Type-C is oval and is supposed to clean up the previous problem of the USB connector. With the new plugs there is no more up and down. USB-C can be inserted from both sides. The new connection should be so small that it can also be used in smartphones and tablets. With about 8.4 mm in width and 2.6 mm in height, USB-C is about the same size as the previous Mirco USB port, which is installed in most Android smartphones – without being compatible with the plug-in connection.

Can I upgrade to USB-C?

Yes and no. There will be adapters that allow USB-C cables to be connected to a conventional USB port on the laptop – for example, if the new smartphone can use USB-C, but the laptop does not. That said, there is a backward compatibility of USB-C to old USB ports. The USB connector on the laptop will not be replaced. The desktop computer looks a little different. For these, it will probably give expansion cards to buy.

Do I need a new laptop now?

Rather not. As of March 17, 2015, only the new MacBook and the Chromebook pixel with USB-C have been announced to date. Future smartphones will also use USB Type-C instead of the previous Mirco-B. There is also the possibility that Apple will switch from the Thunderbolt to USB-C for the iphones, but these are all speculations. Furthermore, as mentioned above, USB-C devices can be connected to conventional USB connectors, as stated above.

What does USB-C support?

The new port is intended to be much more versatile in connectivity and can transmit other protocols as well as data connections. The new standard supports:

USB 3.1 and all previous generations up to a maximum of 10 gbits/s




Current (20v at 5a = 100 watts)

Everything USB can do so far, for example Ethernet

The accessories industry will be pleased. USB-C allows adapters and connections of various kinds via USB instead of having to accommodate additional ports in the notebook or PC. In this way, HDMI or network connections can be made via a USB-C adapter with the display or network.

Apple has added several USB-C adapters to the range with the introduction of the new MacBook. Without these, previous USB sticks or external USB hard drives can no longer be connected to the new MacBook, as the notebook will only bring a USB-C port as the only connection ever. A USB-C to USB adapter will be charged at a close 20 euros while a USB-C-Digital-AV-multiport adapter is already 90 euro due.

What are the disadvantages of USB-C?

Not everything is rosy in the future. The prices for the adapters are a disadvantage. As always, early adopters are being asked to pay a hefty cash. This applies to new hardware and adapters. This will, however, be relativized over time. Manufacturers may supply suitable accessories, you don’t want to annoy your customers.

Also the size of USB type-C is a disadvantage for manufacturers of super thin devices. USB-C is minimally larger than Mirco USB which means some manufacturers will have to contend with the space. Manufacturers of laptops will have these problems less.

Personal opinion

There was a shouting through the media world when Apple presented a few days ago the new MacBook with only a single USB type-C connector. But somehow it was the same outcry as the first MacBook Air, which also dispensed with many of the previous connections. Many things are going on wireless thanks to WLAN and Bluetooth today. In addition, more and more data is stored in the cloud, which in the meantime reduces the number of peripherals connected to the computer. Whether a USB-C port will be sufficient, the user must decide for himself.

USB-C is definitely the right step forward. In particular, since at last the 50/50 chance of plugging in is eliminated. The transition from one to the next standard will be a bit painful as always, either through missing or expensive adapters, driver problems or manufacturers that initially refuse to accept a new standard. At some point this process will be done and the broad masses will enjoy the advantages of a uniform USB type-C connection.



Tips To Get Real Traffic For Your Site

Always bear in mind the audience and make content which pertains to them. Entice readers to your website by providing articles that are applicable. Attempt to comprehend what sorts of readers see the internet sites and provide them the information that’s crucial for them.

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Would Natural Products Kill Common Pests?

Are you one of us who also have problems with  pest control around your house? If this is so, you’re not by yourself. Pests are still an issue for countless different families. There are actions you can take, though, to deal with matter.

You usually do not need to be described as a prey. Read the following recommendations to finally handle the issue. Remove fleas naturally. There are times that you never want to resort to chemicals to control pests. Removing sources of shelter and food is 1 approach to do away with them.

This is very powerful regarding rodents. For those who have pets, then do not leave food or water dishes out, and make sure you never possess any openings or cracks at the surface of one’s dwelling. Bed-bugs have a tradition of concealing in miniature places, making them difficult to expel.

All holes must be sealed before you begin any kind of extermination. This will make sure that bugs can’t hide in the pockets throughout the extermination procedure, and then emerge later. Critter proof net is some thing which you are going to require to put on your loft since this could prevent fleas or rodents from entering your residence. For all the information you should read about กำจัดเห็บหมัดในบ้าน.

That is crucial since these creatures can take various forms of diseases or bacteria you may wish in order to avoid at any cost during the season.

Can you find some carpenter ants at residence? These rodents are often brought by damp timber. There could be a leak somewhere at residence. Call a plumber also possess your pipes system completely scrutinized. Once the flow is repaired, concentrate on protecting the hive ants with a few borax or some similar item.


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Wedding in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle shore weddings could possibly be the setting for a marriage on earth. There are loads of green spaces put back watching the clouds pass by or to have a picnic.

Weddings are among the what that are most challenging to plan throughout one’s life’s duration. Be certain before your wedding, you’re really organized and that means you’re in a position when it is time to determine questions that are particular. This will provide you with the ideal chance for results.

Once you’re engaged and getting married, among the crucial matters you’ll need to accomplish is to adhere with your allowance. You may truly have plenty of temptation to devote a fantastic deal of money, but might need to know your restrictions to prevent stepping in to a hole.

Check your wind speeds if you’re receiving a backyard wedding. Or maybe even planned for a patio wedding can be ruined by A day. Avoid if it will become windy. It’s also wise to bear in mind that a number of tents aren’t intended to handle circumstances. Anyways, try to get the most out of your Myrtle Beach Weddings!

Take under account the types when planning the theme for the wedding. As you should comprehend there are going to become elders at your wedding every thing needs to really be appropriate. Catering to the interests of everyone may be the perfect solution to get results.

Beach Surprise

Have surprise twist at your wedding to make it memorable. Consider having, if you’re likely to get your wedding throughout summer time. You can try out a beach theme if your wedding is in the pipeline for winter months. Guests will not forget the wedding theme was distinctive from the season.

A beach wedding may be awesome, but ensure you have the appropriate foot wear to make it. It’s possible to discover beautiful flip flops that may be a lot convenient to the sand for you personally while being attractive and inexpensive. You’re able to keep them and re use them to remember!

These ideas should allow one to have of. Do make an effort to keep in mind that by your day’s close, the absolute most essential things about a marriage is the action of exchanging your vows and every other detail is that a detail.


Simple Fitness Tips

Getting healthy means many things to diverse people press at their weight to having the ability to scale the stairs! Getting fit makes an essential
contribution. It’s some thing we must devote energy and time to. Whatever fitness would be for you, develop you will find this article informative and

By not taking the routes increase your activity level. Everybody else has difficulty squeezing workouts therefore improve your movement throughout your day’s
duration. In the place of parking nearby the store’s entrance, park by the close of the lot and walk. Avoid elevators if you can, and just take the stairs.

Look for a buddy which is likely to produce the commitment to be in shape if you’re searching to get fit. With some one in your side, you’ll be held
responsible for accomplishing your fitness objectives. You try work-out classes and can keep one another motivated. Once you get started slacking off, in the
end, you can be motivated by a buddy.

Make certain you are switching up your methods if you want results when weighttraining. Don’t stay to exactly the exercises that are exact same. If you’re
targeting the exact same muscle group, you ought to try out another workout, weights that are lighter or heavier or different intensity levels. This is the
way you’re able to find the most.

Be Fit and Healthy

Do not subscribe for a fitness center membership sight-unseen. Fitness center’s can vary with regards to there decor, atmosphere, focus, and equipment. The
feel of a fitness center may create a enormous impact. Make certain you want the amenities the lay out, and another people. You wont go be certain to check
them out if a gymnasium is not a fantastic fit for you personally.

There is that will assist you to get fit A excellent solution always to get a work out buddy. Buddies are great since they could lend motivation if you
require it to you once you are weight lifting, plus so they are able to spot you. A work out partner is recommended, if you are likely to be lifting weights.

Before and after you workout, be certain your limbs stretch correctly. Perform each stretch for a minimum of thirty seconds. Consult a medical expert if
you’re in doubt just how to stretch, or consult with an website. Whenever you stretch you protect against soreness and break up the acid.

Weight lifting is essential in a physical fitness program. Some focus on weight training exercise is crucial for every single exercise regimen without every
program should pay attention to building muscle tissue such as a weight-lifter. Weight training exercise makes them and tones the muscles. This includes a
positive effect on fitness and health .


The Word About The New Extratorrent

Registration on extratorrents is free and will remain that way. To get started utilizing it you will require a torrent clients such as utorrent, bittorrent
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Torrent is just a file extension for a Bit Torrent file format used by Bit Torrent clients. Torrent files contain text and point from the trackers to get a
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Should you use internet often then you may have encounter the word torrent. Anyways, if you would like to learn more about ExtraTorrent.ag new domain go and
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As you probably already understand, ExtraTorrent.ag is the replacement of the well known website ExtraTorrent.cc. It is fast become widely accepted and widely
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Many of other torrent websites that looks similar to extratorrent are hosting advertisements from valid advertising networks which often get utilized by
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These ads are more prone to contain malware, which is software created to lead to damage. Therefore once
you’re using different sites be careful.


How To Always Looking Fabulous – Denise Richards Diet

denise richards diet planStunningly amazing and sexy Denise Richards is an American actress and former model. She is a mum of three girls. To her, workouts are not superb means of toning her body, but they also take stress off out of her head and make her feel more joyful.

Later, she found what works on her entire body. Since every body is different it is vital that you get what works best for you. It’s dance and Pilates. Her diet known as Denise Richards Diet

Since every body is different it is vital that you get what works best for you. It’s dance and Pilates. Her diet known as Denise Richards Diet consist of 75 – 85 % vegetarian and I eat daily. I’ve got lots of little meals. I got tired particularly after lunch and discovered eating three large meals I sensed full.

The diet allows losing from 3 to 7 lbs each week and consist on keeping up the level of glucose. The diet includes veggies, fruits, cereals, nuts and other beneficial food. Denise Richards diet comprises three phases.

Her exercise routine includes Pilates, low interval workouts, yoga, aerobics, strength training and core stability movements. In work out routine called Proper Body Exercise, followed by ab crunching and weights. Despite her busy life, she looks as gorgeous as ever! She shared her favorite beauty, workout and diet tips with every one us. I hope you get some new ideas to use it in your own diet plan.


Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller

Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller is designed in a way that gives your baby a smooth ride whenever you intend to go with them. It comes with inflated tires suitable for use in bumpy terrain and roads that are not even. The tires are large making it stable regardless of the surface where it is used.


This stroller has features that ensure the baby is always entertained throughout the ride. Among these innovative features are;

  • Sound system for your baby: This allows you to plug in iPhone, MP3 player or even an iPod to ensure fun tunes throughout the ride.
  • Easy steering of the stroller is also possible
  • The stroller also has a convenient tray.
  • Folding and unfolding it is easy since it has a one-handle design.


The only noticeable shortcoming of this stroller is the positioning of the canopy. Its attachment to the upper part of the seat makes it hard to lower it whenever there is a need. Nevertheless, Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller is suitable for use with major infants seat brands used in cars. It also comes with clips for restraint belt to give security to your baby.